Analytical Skills Assessment: Expensive or elaborate bindings and covers of written submissions are not required in most instances Research Paper

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Always submit an electronic copy of your written work on USB or CD as well as a paper copy.
Always keep a copy of your work.
Always keep a file of working papers (e.g. photocopied articles) that support the sources used in your work.

The following detail is important when:
Preparing for your assessment
Checking your work before submission
When interpreting your grade and feedback after marking. (Note that your work will not be returned to you so always keep a copy of your work for this purpose.)

Learning Outcomes Tested

Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a range of statistical and quantitative techniques

Assessment Criteria Please see the attached marking criteria
Performance descriptors (by grade)
Please see the attached performance descriptors

To help you further:
? Refer to module guide for contact details of module leader
? Resit details will be posted on WOLF

Detail of tutorial inputs, etc. In each session, students will be given questions and reading material to help them digest the topics and prepare for the assignment

Recommended reading and other sources See module guide
Avoiding Academic Misconduct
Collusion, plagiarism and cheating are very serious offences that can result in a student being expelled from the University. The business school has a policy of actively identifying students who engage in academic misconduct of this nature and routinely applying detection techniques including the use of sophisticated software packages.
Avoid Collusion
The business school encourages group working, however to avoid collusion always work on your own in order to complete your individual assessments. Do not let fellow students have access to your work before it is submitted and do not be tempted to access the work of others. Refer to your module tutor if you do not understand or you need further guidance.
Avoid Plagiarism
You must use available and relevant literature to demonstrate your knowledge of a subject, however to avoid plagiarism you must take great care to acknowledge it properly. You should therefore always use of the Harvard style referencing system in all cases.
(For further guidance go to and from the menu that then appears, make these choices in turn: Study skills, referencing, Harvard Citation).
Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. This includes incorporating either unattributed direct quotation(s) or substantial paraphrasing from the work of another/others. For this reason it is important that you cite all the sources whose work you have drawn on and reference them fully in accordance with the Harvard referencing standard.
Extensive direct quotations in assessed work is ill advised because:
It represents a poor writing style that is unlikely to meet the pass grade marking criteria, and it could lead to omission errors and a plagiarism offence could be committed accidentally.
Maximising the benefits of team working
Individual assessment must represent an effort prepared and submitted by you. It will contain your solutions to exercises set during the delivery of the module. (Your submission may reflect some contributions arising from group working and classroom presentations).
Maintain a file of evident (e.g. academic papers used in preparing your assignment)
Submit an electronic copy (e.g. a disk or CD) of all written assessments in addition to paper copies.


Note: X in the questions is calculated as the following:
? Take the numeric part of your student registration number;
? The third digit of this number is X. If the digit is 0, then substitute it with the digit 5. For instance, if your student number is 1012345, then X is 1.

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