Annotate the paragraphs, using a marking system and the array of color highlighting Custom Essay

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Using the article you chose from Bridging the Gap:

Chapter 5, Selection 2, History: "Women in History," OR
Chapter 6, Selection 2, Health: "Nutrition, Health, and Stress," OR
Chapter 6, Selection 3, Criminal Justice: "Police DNA Collection Sparks Questions"

Choose 3-4 consecutive paragraphs from that article.
1.Re-type (or scan) those paragraphs into a Word document.
2.Annotate the paragraphs, using a marking system and the array of color, highlighting, etc. available in Word.
3.Provide a brief key, if needed, to your system.
4.Save your annotation assignment as a Word document and upload the attachment into the assignment space.

Be aware of this common error in annotating a text: not enough variety in the methods used. Many people focus on just one visual cue (overdoing the underlining or the highlighting). Instead, use a variety of notations, e.g., main ideas circled, significant details underlined, etc.

Evaluation Criteria for Annotations:
•accurate identification of main ideas, key terms, examples, major concepts, etc.
•linkage of info. as appropriate (through numbering information, drawing lines, etc.)

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