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Questions: Note: These questions are very broad and will require analysis of the data and application of the theoretical frameworks. You should avoid superficial responses. Q1: To what extent is Ryanairs success down to sound industry positioning or internal competences? a) Discuss the extent and nature of Ryanairs success using product market and financial data. b) Use the concepts of Porter and Prahalad & Hamel to understand and assess Ryanairs strategy. c) Present an argument on whether their success (or failure) is related to their management decisions or other structural variables. (This is a question that allows you to apply Porter and Prahalad and Hamels concepts, question the limits of application and to analyse whether either of the frameworks aid our understanding). Q2. To what extent do BAs 2003 results indicate that management have been able to manoeuvre or invent their way out of trouble? a) Review and assess BAs 2003 results b) Decide whether environmental fit or RBT (or neither) help you understand BAs recent strategic moves. c) Present an argument about whether BA really has invented their way out of trouble. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: On-time delivery guarantee PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% money-back guarantee 100% Privacy and Confidentiality

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