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Papers are to be written in first person, reflecting on your reactions to the course material. Your papers are not to describe, define, reiterate or quote the work of others. Instead, you are being asked to reflect on your reaction to the course material, step back, and take a longer, deeper look at your reaction from the perspective of the course- why did you react the way you did to the material? You are expected to make inferences, analzye conflicting interpretations and explanations of phenomena, support your discussion with evidence, address and exchange and express ideas in your response to what is being taught. Your papers are to be well reasoned, well organized and documented from credible sources.
Do not: use general or global terminology or reference to others, no “we”, no about, or on behalf of “others” as the focus of each of your papers.
Your sentence structure can be “I was reading about, I was watching, when we were discussing I realized — what struck me was—what I noticed or took away from this was an understanding that—“.

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