Applied Channel Systems Case Study Custom Essay

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In view of the case for online shopping outlined in the above media stories ,you are required to select an Australian retail or wholesale company currently not utilising the online distribution as a major channel. Use companies whose online sales turnover is currently less than 25% of total turnover.

Provide background information on the general and online activity in your chosen industry sector and company.
Using concepts covered in your unit and from insights from the above media stories identify the key issues and challenges that your selected company will/is face(ing) in their current online operation.
Address these issues & challenges in the formulation and implementation of an online channel systems strategy.
You have better chances of getting information on public listed companies that publish their sales turnover in their annual reports unlike private companies.

and you can use this Reference ( Anne Coughlan ; Erin Anderson ; Louis W. Stern ; Adel El-Ansary, Marketing Channels, 7e, ISBN 9780131913462 ISBN 10: 0131913468 ?2006, Pearson Education) and other References

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