Argument Essay Custom Essay

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1. Explain (state the premises and conclusion of) the arguments in the letters. Restate emotive and steamroller language, rhetorical questions in non-emotive terms. Look up any words you do not recognize. Choose letters that deal with issues that you are familiar with, if possible. If not, do a little research on the issue.
2. Evaluate both arguments. Ask yourself:
a. Are the premises true, or at least plausible?
b. Is any important evidence left out?
c. Is the reasoning sound or cogent? (Does it commit any fallacies?)
d. Are there any unwarranted assumptions? (e.g. Abortion is murder because it kills a baby.)
e. Does the argument have any weird implications? (e.g. An eye for an eye, therefore murderers must die.)
3. Supply and cite evidence where this is necessary.

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