Article Review Pathophysiology of Congestive Heart Failure Research Paper

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Article Review Assignment 10% of course grade
This completed assignment is due the Week February The article review project is in 2 parts. Part 1 involves the development of a Flow Chart. Part 2 is a review of the article discussing its applicability to clinical practice.

Choose a medical level journal article to review on the pathophysiology of a disease of your choosing. Bring a copy of the article that you have selected on or before February 15, 2012 for approval.

Part 1: Flow Chart: Develop an annotated pathophysiological flow chart or diagram based on this article. The flow chart must be the student?s own individual work. Elements should be numbered and defined in an accompanying legend in such a way as to clarify the pathophysiology of the disease in question or to identify key points in the pathophysiological progression of the disease. The figure should be in black and white and with a font size big enough to allow for reduction or photocopying onto an overhead.

This information should be listed at the bottom of the diagram/flow chart: 1) The article referenced in APA format; 2) Your name as a La Salle University School of Nursing Graduate Student; 3) and the date as Spring 2012.

Part 2: Article Review: The flow chart/diagram should be accompanied by a review of pathophysiology described in the article. There should be a summary of the disease process that follows the flow of the diagram. This discussion should also describe 1) the pathophysiology of the disease process 2) the applicability of this information to the clinical setting and 3) how this information will influence your ability to provide patient care. APA style Headers must be used for this review.

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