Artist Diploma Program Proposal Custom Essay

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Artist Diploma applicants should submit a Program Proposal instead of the general essay in the appropriate page of the online application. The program proposal should discuss how the A.D. program would assist the applicant in the development of his/her professional career. Topics may include the applicant’s reasons for choosing the A.D. program at New England Conservatory, repertoire to be explored as an A.D. candidate, and the applicant’s personal plans and professional goals.

I have already begun writing but only few sentences. I think I need more fluent and gorgeous writing. This is my first few sentences following.

Communication is the key to almost all of our inner and outer issues in modern society. Although it is obvious that language is a primary tool of communication, words can sometimes make people misunderstand, hurt, and deceive each other. However, I believe that music doesn’t lie and music has enormous power to change people’s lives by delivering the profound message in music. My particular genre, classical piano repertoire, can express and deliver all possibilities that exist in this world. I hope to become an influential classical pianist who gives positive energy to all communities in the world, both musical and non-musical. While attending New England Conservatory, I have found that NEC would assist me in achieving my career vision.

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