Aspects of Psychology Custom Essay

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Please use some of the following sources and find the description underneath:

Reexamining Gender Issues in Erikson’s Stages of Identity and Intimacy by Horst, Elisabeth A.
Individuation and Attachment in Personality Development: Extending Erikson’s Theory by Franz, Carol E.; White, Kathleen M.
Egocentrism in Older Adults: Piaget�s Three Mountains Task Revisited by McDonald, Lorraine; Stuart-Hamilton, Ian.
Piaget on Childhood by Siegler, Robert S.; Ellis, Shari.
Vygotsky and Identity Formation: A Sociocultural Approach by Penuel, William R.; Wertsch, James V.
Attachment, Social Rank, and Affect Regulation: Speculations on an Ethological Approach to Family Interaction by Sloman, Leon; Atkinson, Leslie; Milligan, Karen; Liotti, Giovanni.
An Ethological Perspective by Stevenson-Hinde, Joan.


Your consulting group has been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials family-oriented theme park. The commercials will target family members at various life stages. Your group has decided that understanding Erikson�s theory of Psychosocial development will help you with this assignment.

Your group will start by describing each stage of Erikson�s theory.
Include in your description an analysis of a character that best represents each stage of life. The character can be from television show, a movie, or a literary character from a book. Explain how each character represents the stage, and how the character resolves conflict.
Provide a review of three recent studies on Erikson�s theory from the list provided in this assignment.
Your assessment will be used by the advertising firm to help in developing commercials targeting various developmental stages.

Your deliverable to the advertising firm will be a 4 to 5 page report with your research results. Your group will submit one Word document with the following information:

Description of Erickson�s theory. A description of each stage of development using the description in above list. Remember to include a description of a character that represents each stage of development.
A review of three studies chosen from the list provided. In that review discuss how the study supports the information that you are providing in your report. If the study does not support your report, explain why it does not. Cover the following points in this review:
For each study, identify the stages of Erickson�s theory that are examined.
Determine if the study strengthens or weakens Erickson�s theory and your ideas based on that theory. Explain your reasons.
State if you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the study itself. Why or why not?

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