Assess the LAN at a popular, but cash-strapped children’s museum Custom Essay

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You have been asked to assess the LAN at a popular, but cash-strapped children’s museum. Visitors have complained that the video kiosk exhibits, which obtain their content from a server on the local network, are slow to respond and sometimes stall out. Meanwhile, museum staff members often several minutes to access large files or retrieve Web pages. The museumÂ’s IT manager confesses that he hasnÂ’t had the time or money to redesign the LAN, which was installed in 1999. It uses small, outdated switches and routers and only delivers 10-Mbps throughput to each client. The IT manager feels confident that he can convince management to support a network upgrade because itÂ’s critical to continuing operations. He says the most important parts of the network are the 10 workstations that supply multimedia content to the exhibits, though itÂ’s also important for the seven office employees to perform their jobs efficiently. He adds that the museumÂ’s connection to its ISP was just upgraded, so itÂ’s only the LAN that needs to be changed. What kind of LAN will you design for this company? Describe its backbone, its physical and logical topologies, what access method it will use, and what media and through outs you recommend.

Case Project 5-2
Fortunately, the childrenÂ’s museum director recently received a $20,000 government grant for infrastructure upgrades, and half of this could be spent on networking equipment. She asks you and the IT manager to list the components necessary for your recommended network upgrade. She also stipulates the equipment should be high quality and obtained only from reputable suppliers, such as a deviceÂ’s manufacturer. What is the total cost of brand-new connectivity devices, NICs, and cabling (if necessary) for the solution you suggested? Can you purchase everything with half the grant? If not, what elements are you willing to sacrifice? How else could you save money?

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