Assessing Your Organization’s Behavioral Model Custom Essay

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Because of the multifaceted nature of organizations, any reform measures must be approached with systems theory in mind. Your textbook reflects a “systems approach” in its content and theory. The change that impacts organizations is evolutionary and progressive (Razik& Swanson, 2011, p. 41). Reflective practitioners must understand the historical context of reform in order to make effective and relevant decisions today.

One problematic approach that some administrators have attempted when implementing change within a school is to treat each part in an aggregate way (Razik& Swanson, 2011, pp. 29-31). An education leader who approaches problem solving from a systems perspective will consider all of the many variables that are impacted by change. Razik and Swanson noted, “The models specifically demonstrate the necessity for interdependence; one system or subsystem acts in concert with other systems or subsystems” (p. 41). In order to gauge any needed changes a feedback system is required. A built-in and ongoing feedback system, allows educators to understand needed changes and reforms.

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