Based on the film Forrest Gump, does Hollywood take shortcuts or inaccurately depict historical reality? If so, what are the specific historical inaccuracies? Custom Essay

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The following rubric breaks down the grading guidelines for the paper assignments. Each paper will receive a numerical grade based on the following four categories: Category I=twenty-five points; Category II=twenty-five points; Category III= thirty-five points; Category IV=fifteen points. I am available to review paper outlines and discuss any questions regarding the writing assignments during office hours and by appointment.

I. Format worth twenty-five points and must satisfy all of the following requirements:
• Student name on paper
•Centered title (Essays have titles)
•Specified word count included in the header or at the end of the paper (no less than 750 and no more than 1,200 words)
• Assigned length (no less than two pages and no more than five pages)
• Correct margins (one inch)
• Correct font (Times New Roman)
• Correct font size (12 point)
• Paper double-spaced

II. Style & Citations worth twenty-five points and must satisfy all the following requirements:
• No more than a total of two (2) grammatical, spelling and other errors
• Evidence of paragraph structure (clear topic, supporting and concluding sentences related to thesis statement)
• No overuse of quotations (no more than one per paragraph)
• Proper footnote style as defined by The Chicago Manuel of Style (Turabian) available here:
• No more than two Internet citations
• No use of Wikipedia; no citations from Wikipedia

III. Thesis and Subject Matter worth thirty-five points and must satisfy all the following requirements:
• Paper recognizes and attempts to address the central issue or question posed by assignment


IV. Organization and Supporting Historical Evidence worth fifteen points and must satisfy all the following requirements:
• Paper addresses ALL ISSUES AND ALL PARTS of the question posed by assignment
• Paper is well written and well organized
• Paper demonstrates originality or creativity
• Paper uses specific supporting historical examples from reading assignments and lectures

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