Business Case; Studing master of health services management and write about this my subject custom essay

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Studing master of health services management and write about this my subject: health finance and project management and no more than 2000 words exact and use 17 references just from book ,ebook,journal and no plagiarism ,check spelling and grammar and dont write about another subject and dont make a mistake and read clear all my details please .
*this details:
**Business Case – Scenario for Assignments
Manuka Information.pdf (2.98 Mb)

The attached PDF file is information regarding a fictitious Healthcare Region in Australia. You have been provided with background information and various statistics. As part of the background information you are provided with three project options based on the attached scenario. You need to choose ONE of the project options for your Business Case. This option will also be the same for the Project Plan assignment. Please note that not all of the information that is provided may be necessary for the Project Plan and Business Case of your choice.

There is an expectation that students will use Excel, or similar spreadsheet program, to develop their budget as part of the Business Case. However, this is not compulsory.

Expected length of assignment is 2,000 (plus or minus 10%)

Marking Criteria

1. Incorporates relevant concepts and theories – Weighting 60%
• Addresses the subject and the issues raised in the question
• Demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding of the theoretical principles and concepts
• Relevant principles and concepts are used with appropriate application to support argument.

2. Use of resources – Weighting 20%
• Evidence of an appropriate level of research regarding the various concepts
• Evidence of a range of relevant resources are used and integrated into the discussion.

3. Communication – Weighting 20%
• Ideas are clearly articulated and coherently structured
• The paper is presented in an acceptable academic format
• The paper is structured logically and clearly with an appropriate conclusion

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