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This report is an investigation into magazine and journal subscriptions for an accounting firm. You have been authorised to subscribe to 3 business and accounting practitioner magazines/journals. There are many business journals and you need to research on the internet to determine which journals are available and which ones would be of most benefit to the accountants working in your firm. In your report you should describe the contents of 4 different business and accounting journals and evaluate them. You should include the annual subscription fees. You should then recommend which 3 journals the firm should subscribe to.
You should base your report format on the sample report commencing page 540 of your Dwyer text. You should include all parts of the report, including the letter of transmittal, title page, table of contents and the executive summary.

Please see information in this guide on presentation. You must ensure that you have correct referencing. The Harvard referencing guide for KBS students is available on the portal.

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