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The only reference that i want you to use is my book Essentials of systems analysis & design by Valacich, George and Hoffer maybe you should need the work of Order Number 71757015 week 1 cousework) to see


Petrie’s Electronics needs to improve its marketing and customer retention by increasing customer loyalty. The marketing department is in need of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Upper management has selected No Customer Escapes as the top Information Technology project this year.

This week, we begin the first phase of the system development life cycle for the project, Systems Planning and Selection. We have a task to complete the second package of the project, containing the needed artifacts for this phase. Below is a description of each deliverable. A grading checklist for each deliverable is available in the Grading Rubric folder in Doc Sharing.
We will then need to assess the six project feasibility factors our book discusses. Cost has been determined to be a major factor in the project, so we will need to review three possible alternative solutions and create a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) spreadsheet for each alternative solution. Each CBA spreadsheet will need to clearly identify the Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI), and Break-Even Point Analysis.
The last deliverable for this phase/package is the Baseline Project Plan (BPP) report. The BPP has four sections: an Introduction, System Description, Feasibility Analysis (from the previous step), and Management Issues.
The Project Manager will hold a Structured Walk through with the customer and management using the BPP and other documents you have created. The walk-through process is described in our book, pages 105–108. A cross functional team will then review and vote on the project at the end of Week 4. The project can either be accepted as is; be validated after requested changes are made; or the project can be cancelled, so it is important we do our best!

In order to create the best documentation, we will need to

continue reading in our book; last week, we read Chapters 1 and 2; this week, we must understand all the concepts in Chapters 3 and 4;

read the Petrie’s Case Study at the end of Chapter 3 and 4 to add to what we read in the Chapter 2 Petrie’s Case from Week 1;

use the Petrie’s Chapter 3 case to make sure we understand who is on the project team in order to complete the Task-responsibility matrix; and

review the Complete Project Workbook folder in Doc Sharing. This folder contains documents from another project team. The folder will contain cost/benefit information needed to complete Cost Benefit Analysis.
a. Three Tangible Benefit Worksheets for each of the possible alternative solutions.

b. Three One-time Cost Worksheets for each of the possible alternative solutions.

c. Three Recurring Cost Worksheets for each of the possible alternative solutions.

d. Recommended Discount Rates from our accounting department.

e. Cost Benefit Analysis Spreadsheet (complete one for each of the three alternative).

While we wait for the structured walk through to finish its review, we have been granted permission to continue on the project in Week 3.

Week 2 Project Tasks

Read the Petrie’s Electronic Case at the end of Chapter 3, pages 80–81.
Read the Petrie’s Electronic Case at the end of Chapter 4, pages 119–121.
Review the Course Project tab under Course Home to analyze what deliverables are needed for this package.
Category Points
Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 3, Questions 1–5 25
Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 4, Questions 1–8 40
Cost Benefit Analysis Spreadsheets 18
Baseline Project Plan Analysis 20
Systems Planning and Selection SDLS Phase 1 Package 103

Grading Rubrics

Answer the questions to the case studies below completely.

Petrie’s Electronics Case Questions Solutions (Chapter 3) Points
What qualities might Jim possess that would make him a successful project manager? 5
How do you think Jim should respond to Ella’s implied pressure about the importance of the project to her? 5
What strategies might Jim employ to deal with a very busy team member, such as Juanita Lopez? 5
What should Jim do next to complete the project initiation? 5
List five team communication methods that Jim might use throughout this project. What are some pros and cons of each? 5
Total 25

Petrie’s Electronics Case Questions Solutions (Chapter 4) Points
Look over the scope statement (Figure 4-1). If you were an employee at Petrie’s Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Why or why not? 5
If you were part of the management team at Petrie’s Electronics, would you approve the project outlined in the scope statement in Figure 4-1? What changes, if any, need to be made to the document? 5
Identify a preliminary set of tangible and intangible costs you think would occur for this project and the system it describes. What intangible benefits do you anticipate for the system? 5
What do you consider to be the risks of the project as you currently understand it? Is this a low-, medium-, or high-risk project? Justify your answer. Assuming you were part of Jim’s team, would you have any particular risks? 5
If you were assigned to help Jim with this project, how would you utilize the concept of incremental commitment in the design of the Baseline Project Plan? 5
If you were assigned to Jim’s team for this project, when in the project schedule (in what phase or after which activities are completed) do you think you could develop an economic analysis of the proposed system? What economic feasibility factors do you think would be relevant? 5
If you were assigned to Jim’s team for this project, what activities would you conduct in order to prepare the details for the Baseline Project Plan? Explain the purpose of each activity and show a timeline or schedule for these activities. 5
In Case Question 4, you analyzed the risks associated with this project. Once deployed, what are the potential operational risks of the proposed system? How do you factor operational risks into a systems development plan? 5
Total 40

The rubrics below shows the required elements for the following deliverables:

Cost Benefit Analysis Spreadsheets Points
Alternative A Overall NPV Correct 2
Alternative A Overall RIO Correct 2
Alternative A Overall Break Even Point Correct 2
Alternative B Overall NPV Correct 2
Alternative B Overall RIO Correct 2
Alternative B Overall Break Even Point Correct 2
Alternative C Overall NPV Correct 2
Alternative C Overall RIO Correct 2
Alternative C Overall Break Even Point Correct 2
Total 18

Baseline Project Plan Analysis Points
Section 1: Introduction. Describes project overview and recommendations. 2
Section 2: System Description. Detailed description of what it is and suggested possible alternatives based on sources of software from Chapter 2. 3
Section 3: Feasibility Assessment. Describes all six feasibility factors. Economic analysis also describes review of NPV, ROI, and Break-Even Point for three possible alternatives. 10
Section 4: Describes possible Management issues including Team Configuration, communication plan, project standards and procedures, and any other specific topics related to the CRM project. 5

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