Camelot Paper: Camelot – a role playing simulation of political decision making Custom Essay

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This paper is based on “Camelot – a role playing simulation of political decision making’ by Fifth Edition, James R. Woodworth, W. Robert Gump, James R. Forrester.
Playing character – high school teacher
This paper will consist of a short summary of the story, your character’s biography and your character’s positions on issues. Additionally, you should identify your character’s allies and adversaries in the simulation and discuss your strategy for dealing with these other characters.
1. Issues/positions identified on your role – problems well documented and identified
2. Analysis and review of the problems that may occur during Camelot – Writing assignment demonstrated writer’s interpretation and expression of problem. Reasoning complex in nature.
3. Creativity the ability to bring an independent review of the your role – writing assignment demonstrated student’s own independent review of problem, complex thoughts expressed.

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