Capturing value of the products and businesses of Gamesa Corp Research Paper

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Write a paper answering the following questions for the Company Gamesa Corp :
What role do standards (Access & Control), platforms, ecosystem, network effects (Tipping & Winner?Take?All) and partnerships play in how value is captured in your firm/industry?
Gamesa Corp is a wind turbine company . A lot of details may be found in the company’s website :
Some important resources that will help you are the following :
Shapiro, Carl and Varian, Hal, 1999, The Art of Standards Wars. California Management Review, 41,
(2): 8?32.
Arthur, Brian, 1996, Increasing Returns and the New World of Business. Harvard Business Review,
July?August: 100?109.

Important notes :
Note that the paper should directly focus on Gamesa Corp .
I will need a draft by day 6th so I can direct you better .
Be careful of plagiarizing , my university has a very advance anti plagiarism system . Everything should be reference accordingly .
Please contact me via msgs as much as you can , so I can direct you to the right path .
Feel free to ask any questions .
It will be good to provide me with an outline before you start , so we reduce the amount of rework .

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