Care in Christian Communities Week custom essay

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I need you to read the Discussion Guide that I have uploaded. I need you to read the required reading material.

Poling, James, Rethinking Faith: A Constructive Practical Theology, Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2011, ISBN: 0800697545

You will find what exact pages you will need to read by looking at the discussion guide that I have posted.

I do not have a copy of these books so please do not ask me to upload the files because I do not have them….. You must find this book through your own resources…… I need you to make four separate comments in regard to what you read.

Each comment MUST include a citation within the comment along with the page number in parenthesis for reference purposes.

Your comments must address the questions you will see in the discussion guide.

I am going to upload a previous assignment with the professor?s comments in red which will give you an idea of what the professor is looking for

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