Case Analysis: The Brent Spar Incident Custom Essay

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In 1995, Shell UK was sent reeling by a public relations disaster stemming from a conflict with the NGO Greenpeace over disposal plans for its obsolete Brent Spar oil rig located in the North Sea. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the case and to produce a list of “lessons learned” to guide other global enterprises in forming and nurturing effective partnerships with NGOs.

Conduct online research into the “Brent Spar” accident of 1995. Hint: Search with keywords “Brent Spar” along with “lessons”, “history”, “Greenpeace”, “Shell”, etc.
Compose a substantive, thorough report containing a brief summary of the incident along with an annotated list of public relations (PR) lessons learned from the accident. Assume that the audience for your list includes PR managers and executives.

The ability to be substantive, grammatically correct, on-topic, and relevant to the theme.
The ability to grasp the course materials and integrate them into your assignment.

Grading Criteria
This assignment will be evaluated based upon completion of the procedure. This Assignment is academic and professional in nature, and should strive to meet the following standards:

Timeliness – Completes tasks/project within an acceptable timeframe.
Relevance – Coincides with the spirit of the assignment parameters and its objectives as described in the course.
Completeness – Thoroughly addresses each step in the assignment procedure. No obvious omissions.
Credibility – Demonstrates a deep understanding of course content. Is well researched, and synthesizes relevant resources as appropriate. Applies targeted skills, abilities and methods to the task as appropriate. Data is reliable, accurate and substantiated. Distinguishes fact from opinion.
Eloquence – Composition is well organized and flows well. Conveys ideas clearly and concisely, without extraneous information. Language enhances the composition throughout.
Citations – Cites relevant sources with appropriate detail and context according to APA Publication Manual standards and the JIU Code of Conduct. Includes references and bibliography as appropriate.
Copyediting – Does not require further copyediting for spelling, grammar, punctuation, fragments, run-on sentences, layout, margins, spacing, etc.

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