Case study in terms of Human Resource Management Custom Essay

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Read the case study titled “Grievance and Discipline in a London Hotel” very carefully and produce a �quality� report analyzing the case through:
Answering all the questions in the case
Following the �Case study Method� PowerPoint file to prepare the case
Relating your answers and strategies to �Class Materials� which are attached to demonstrate your understanding for them.
You can use different sources throughout the report, yet priority should be given to the class materials and then to the book that were are using and finally the internet. The book that we used is named as (Gilmore, Sarah; Williams, Steve. (2009). Human Resource Management. Oxford University Press.) Chapters (2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 15). Make sure that whatever you use from the internet is properly sited and provide a reference list if applicable. This assignment accounts for 35% of the final grade and therefore, I expect you to put all your effort and show as much understanding as you can about Human Resource Management.

Important Note:

Please follow the ‘Case study Method.ppt’ file to best target the case (6 steps). I appreciate if you not only stick to the questions in the case, but also encounter various aspects of HRM and you may include any additional challenging questions and provide answers to them. This will allow increasing the grade in this assignment. However, please answer all questions in the case to produce the report (7 questions)
The overview of the expected report should be as follows (please review the power point file)
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Table of contents ( Automatic)
4. Executive summary
5. Problem (Issue) statement
6. Key Decision Criteria
7. Data Analysis ( Main Issues)
8. Alternatives analysis See Slide (7,8,9)
9. Recommendations See Slide (10)
10. Action & Implementation Plan See Slide (10+ implementations for recommendations)
11. Exhibits

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