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1. What grade would you give Vikram Aggarwal for the job he has done as CEO of Eat2Eat? Evaluate his performance on the five tasks of strategic management discussed in Chapter
2. Is Aggarwal’s present strategic vision for Eat2Eat different from the one he had when he originally founded it?
3. What are the chief elements of Eat2Eat s business model? How does the company generate revenues? What are the primary cost drivers? How does it deliver value to customers?
4. What are the chief elements of Eat2Eat s strategy? Which of the five generic strategies discussed in Chapter 5 is Eat2Eat pursuing? Has Eat2Eat s strategy evolved since it was originally conceived?
5. How well is Eat2Eat s strategy working? What evidence is there to indicate that the strategy is producing its intended results?
6. Has Eat2Eat s strategy given it a sustainable competitive advantage? If so, what is the basis for whatever competitive advantage it has? If not, why?
Would it be possible to build a sustainable competitive advantage in this industry? If so, how?
7. What factors do you see as critical to competitive success in the online restaurant booking industry?
8. What are Eat2Eat s greatest strengths? What are its competitive liabilities? What are the most significant opportunities that Aggarwal should be aware of? What are the greatest threats facing Eat2Eat? Do a SWOT analysis to support your answer.
9. What role have strategic alliances played in Eat2Eat s success? What types of partners are most valuable to Eat2Eat? Which partners does Eat2Eat have the greatest potential to benefit? Which partnerships should Eat2Eat focus on forming in the immediate future?
10. What recommendations would you make to Vikram Aggarwal? What should the key elements of the company s strategic plan be for the next 3 years?
11. If you were a venture capitalist, would you invest in Eat2Eat? Why or why not?

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