Case Study Social Enterprise Based Research Paper

SEE Business Services is a social enterprise based in the South East of England providing programmes and services to small businesses and new entrepreneurs within its region. It employs 15 staff at its Head Office and 10 regional officers who all work from home. SEE Business Services is part of a larger organisation called Entrepreneurship Matters who have established similar network organisations across England and Wales.
As a membership network organisation, SEE Business Services aims to develop, share and celebrate outstanding practices and successes of its membership as well as promote innovation within the sector. It currently has 80 small and medium sized business members and 100 individuals registered as new entrepreneurs.
For an annual subscription fee, members receive the following benefits:
• Development days
• A quarterly magazine
• Discount on professional services offered by SEE Business Services
• A centrally located learning resource base
• Online discussion forum
• Access to law and employment advice
• An annual general meeting held at a prominent venue
While the regional officers focus on marketing, recruiting and responding to specific membership queries, the head office team tend to focus on maintaining the membership database, the production of the magazine and development of additional membership services.
The senior management team at SEE Business Services (of which there are 4) pride themselves in having created administrative systems that enable them to keep track of membership enquiries, needs and wants. At the beginning of each quarter, the whole organisation meet to analyse the data received and use the conclusions and recommendations to shape the content of the quarterly magazine and potential development opportunities. To date this strategy has worked, however as the membership continues to grow and the range of inquiries continue to diversify, they are beginning to feel swamped in information and are worried that if things continue, they will not be able to be as proactive as before and will therefore see a decline in membership. Added to this the regional officers are beginning to complain about the amount of work that is being delegated to them and the reduction in the quality of their working experience as a result
The way forward is not clear and for the first time in its history the board are unable to find a solution that they can all agree with. In order to increase the range of perspectives, they have recently conducted research amongst its staff which again yielded a range of suggestions and comments, none of which the Board found any easier to explore. What is agreed is that this could be the right time for a Strategic review of the whole organisation. As a result, three options have been chosen for further exploration:
1. The outsourcing of several functions and services
2. The development of a centralised business development team
3. Developing smaller business development teams that regional officers would manage
They have come to you, an experienced change facilitator to support them through the change process.

Task 1: Systems Diagramming
Produce the following diagrams
(a) Systems Map
(b) Multiple cause diagram
Task 2: Change facilitation
Choose one of the 3 options being considered by SEE Business Services
(a) Produce a force field analysis diagram
(b) Outline in 2,000 word report outlining the main steps you would take to manage the chosen change scenario. Include diagrams where appropriate.

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