Case Study – Title: Union Carbide Corporation and Bhopal Custom Essay

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Individual Case Assignment: TBA
PART I. Summary and Issue Identification (25 pts.)
1.a. (5 pts.) Write a summary of the case (approximately 100-150 words).
1.b. (20 pts.) Identifies (lists) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case. (about 100 words)
Explain in detail each ethical issue (e.g. what’s occurred, who’s affected, etc). (about 1-2 pages)
Number Question 1: Below Expectations 2: Meets Expectations 3: Exceeds Expectations Score
1.a. Summary The answer does not
adequately summarize
the case. (0 – 3.0)
The answer adequately
summarizes the case.
(3.5 – 4.0)
The answer fully and
concisely summarizes the
case. (4.5 – 5)
1.b. Identify an ethical
issue in a given
business situation
Fails to identify the
ethical issue(s) in a
given business
Identifies the ethical
issue(s) with a few
pertinent facts. (14.5-
17.5, C+ to B+)
Accurately identifies the
ethical issue(s) with all the
pertinent details. (18-20, A to
Note: 1.b. is worth 20 points because identifying ethical issues is at the heart of this case. You should identify
several issues in this case and explain why these are ethical issues with all pertinent details.

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