Characteristic of ASD that impacts on a child’s participation in school Custom Paper

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Discuss one key characteristic (namely rigidity / inability to adapt / cognitive inflexibility) of ASD that you believe impact on young (middle school) people’s participation in school (Australia). Critically evaluate the theoretical and research literature in this area.
Length: 2000 words


Identify and discuss ONE (1) key characteristic of ASD that you believe impacts on the young person�s participation in school and may have implications for your teaching

N.B. You may prefer to narrow the topic down further by focusing on Asperger�s Syndrome, a specific age group, or relate it to a specific subject area). You will need to check this with me prior to starting).

I encourage you to use headings and sub-headings in the structure of your essay. Examples of how you may like to set out this assignment using headings are:
1. Introduction
2. Critical analysis a key characteristics of ASD which impacts on participation and engagement in school and classroom environment and impact on learning (if you prefer, you may wish to focus on Asperger�s Syndrome, a specific age group, subject area You will need to check this with me prior to starting).
You may wish to have sub headings in this section on specific topics. Tables and diagrams and appendices may also be useful in section and are encouraged. It is important in this section to discuss and analyse relevant and recent literature.
3. Personal Critical Reflection
Critical reflection is an important aspect of all activities in this unit. In your critical reflection for this assignment you need to consider how your learning influences your personal and professional growth.
Questions you might like to consider when completing this section include:
� What things have you struggled with in the past in relation to this population?
� How has your reading and learning in this subject influenced your understanding of why these struggles may have occurred.
� Given what you know now would you have changed anything you were doing or asking the student to do?
4. Conclusion
5. References (Please use APA style referencing (information about this referencing style is available to you on the QUT library website).

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