Charles Wilbert White and David Hammons – Finding Cross-Influence Through a Semiotic Perspective Custom Essay

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The objective of the assignment(s) is that you develop a semester long-research paper that examines the work of two artists (this may include art groups, collectives, or collaborations), and connects (or compares and contrasts) the work to discuss broader issues and themes. You will prepare the final research paper in two stages. The final paper must include a discussion and formal analysis of a specific work by each artist you have focused on, and connect your analysis and interpretation to relevant issues in contemporary art and visual culture.
It is highly recommended that you make use of both primary and secondary sources. Historical research is required for each part of your paper. You are free to use sources on the Internet to assist you in researching your final paper, however research conducted exclusively from the Internet is not acceptable. The assignment has been designed to be flexible, but avoid generalizations. Generalizations will not be accepted unless followed by close, critical analysis and substantiated explication.
The final paper must include a synthesis of the two stages: a thesis and interpretation developed through and supported by research and formal analysis. Through research and focused analysis, develop and articulate a position on the topic selected for study and its relation to the art and visual culture of California.
From Me:
This class is on Art in California from 1960 until present day. My paper is on the artists Charles White and David Hammons. White is known for his image-driven art depicting strong African American figures. He was regarded as the supreme African American draftsman for over 40 years. His future student, David Hammons, is a more object-driven artist known for creating works of art that are heavily coded and made with the refuse of the everyday black experience. In my paper, I would like to show the early
Influence White had on Hammons in Hammons’ early career, which was figurative based and politically charged. Conversely, I would like to show that perhaps Hammons’ early work, with its manipulation of words and coded symbols, had an effect on his former professor. The specific works I need contrasted between the two artists are Hammons’s ‘Spade’ series/body prints and White’s prints and drawings post 1965. I feel that Hammons’s use of symbols caused White to utilize a more coded artistry in his later career.
Furthermore, I think it would be good to give brief biographies of both, more emphasis on White. I would like you to show how his art takes on a definite evolutionary course in response to what he feels are worthy artistic influences.

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