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This is a REQUIREMENT for the course but will not be included as part of the final grade. It will be graded pass / fail.
Using one of the topics listed below, locate an article from a popular magazine, then find a scholarly article on the same topic and finally locate a major newspaper article, book or Web site that addresses the same topic. Write a 4-7 page double spaced analysis comparing at least two of the articles you find for: content, style, bias and audience. One of the articles you choose must be from a scholarly journal.
The UCC library has prepared a handout on the differences between scholarly and popular articles and may be reviewed at:
When comparing these articles, at a minimum your paper should answer the following questions:
What aspects of the topic are included?
How is it presented/written?
What is the author’s purpose?
Is the author qualified to cover this topic?
Who is the author’s intended audience?
Why is this information literacy assignment important?
Information literacy includes library literacy (using internal library resources and accessing electronic resources), computer literacy (using computer tools effectively), critical thinking skills, and lifelong learning skills. In a world of ever increasing Information (accurate or not) it is critical to be able to identify and obtain accurate and relevant information sources.
Essentially information literacy requires you to
(1) Identify the need for information on a given topic;
(2) Identify and retrieve the needed material– electronically or otherwise – to cover the topic
(3) Critically examine the material,
(4) Organize the information, and
(5) Use the information effectively to produce the required outcome.
Topics (Select one – or request approval of another topic of your own, but it must relate to the course)

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