College Teaching Survival Guide Custom Essay

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Focus of the Final Project
Your assignment is to create your own survival guide for teaching in higher education.

In this course, we have considered different learning styles and diverse student populations, and explored effective pedagogical methods as well as protocol, assessment, and the scholarship of teaching. After watching the video �8 Things I Wish I Knew Before College,� (, reflect on the learning outcomes of this course, which are:
1. Analyze adult learning styles in developing effective instructional strategies.
2. Identify effective pedagogical techniques in higher education teaching.
3. Apply knowledge of protocol, assessment, and the scholarship of teaching to a diverse student population.
Apply your learning from the course to the creation of a survival guide that addresses both the letter (i.e., procedure and practice) and the spirit (i.e., theory and ethics) of teaching in a higher education setting.

Your survival guide must address:
1. Multiple adult learning styles
2. Implementing effective pedagogical techniques in higher education teaching
3. Tips for following protocol and giving assessments in higher education settings
4. How to teach to a diverse student population
Be sure to review the Grading Rubric below for more specifics.

Preparing the Final Project
As we’ve learned throughout the course, an educator’s job is not simply to train students to recall facts and/or parrot ideas. An educator must create an environment conducive to critical thinking, so that the classroom facilitates learning, not merely memorization and recitation. The Final Project is your opportunity to show that you have a deep and meaningful understanding of the concepts covered in this course in a way that is well suited to your intelligences and talents. You can produce a document, create a video, a wiki or blog, a PowerPoint presentation, or you can come up with your own way to demonstrate your understanding of the demands and implications of teaching and learning in higher education. Be creative! Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary files, and providing all necessary links and/or text in a document. There is no page or length requirement for this assignment, so as not to limit your creativity. Make sure you have fully addressed all the required topics listed above and that your claims and tips are supported by accepted theory, research and/or other scholarly sources. Additionally, be sure to cite your sources as necessary, and include separate title and reference pages in APA format

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