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1-Should be thoughtful. Don’t write unless or until you have something to say. Writing merely to complete the assignment results in vacuous pointless papers.
2-Should be responsive. When you try to address the prompt as directly and narrowly as possible. Digressions and tangents may fill the page, but they will not help you understand the relevant material.
3-Should be engaged. Work with the course material presented in class lectures and the readings as much as possible, rather than turning to on-line dictionaries, encyclopedias or other sources.
4-Should be developed and clear. If you cannot develop your thinking clearly and thoroughly. Your essay may have intro, body, and conclusions, but the body of the essay should follow EXACTLY:

*Statement:Write the prompt EXACTLY as it appears and finish the sentence.
*Elaboration:Begin with “In other words…” and explain the first sentence
*Example: Begin with “for example..” and provide evidence for your first sentence. This evidence may come from the course readings, outside readings, current events, etc. BE SURE TO CITE IN APA in text and on reference page.
*Illustration: Begin with “This is like..” and make a comparison. It would be especially enriching if you were to be able to pick a popular culture, political, or other real world artifacts as a point of comparison.
5- Should be properly formatted. (Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, APA format)

-The reading material can be found in google. Just type in “This house would ethically engage: A critical examination of coach and competitor leadership in NPDA debate. By C.L. Swift (Its a dissertation in PDF form)
PLEASE READ CHAPTER 3&4 (I believe they start on page 48 and 69)

-The prompt for this essay that she gave us is: My feelings on quantifying arguments include….the analysis of the subjects in chapter four relates to relevance and argument as reconstruction because…

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