Company Report on Miu Miu Custom Essay

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� You must be researching an approved fashion company
� The paper must be presented in a professional manner, including the following
� A title page, listing all group members names, and identifying your company (CANNOT be counted as a page in your paper)
� A reference page (which can be counted as a page in your paper)
� 8-10 page double-spaced, 12 point times new roman font ONLY!!!
� One inch margins on all sides of the paper
� Category headings must be identified, by placing those words in BOLD
� History, Mission Statement of Company, Earnings, Financial Data, etc
� Additionally, your group must give an 8-10 minute informative presentation utilizing visuals, which will enhance your presentation.
� Your group paper must identify and discuss the following categories
� History of your company, included year founded
� Subsidiaries (other companies, your company owns)
� Company’s mission statement, if they have one
� Earnings/Financial Data over the last 5 years
� Management Philosophy
� Employees (# of number)
� Products they sell, and/or market to consumers

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