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>Please research by consulting various sources of information and data (textbook, company websites, company annual reports, business journals, etc.) and write write critical answers on the strategy of the multinational enterprise (MNE) SONY.

> The Questions:
1) Identify the firm in the relevant cell of the FSA/CSA matrix (FSAs: firm-specific advantages; CSAs: country-specific advantages).

You will need to explicitly state the CSAs and FSAs of this firm, or explain why it may not have these. (50 marks). (413 words)

2)Describe the type of corporate culture of the firm. Explain whether this corporate culture contributes to the FSAs discussed above in question 1 (50 marks). (412 words)

> You need to show that you are capable of applying frameworks to the firm you are studying. A good piece of work for this module should focus on a persuasive analysis and argument. The format is to provide the answer to each question. Marks will be awarded for the quality of analytical reasoning and critical thinking.

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