Compare the novel Jaws to a more literary text of Moby Dick Custom Essay

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Compare the novel Jaws to a more the more literary text of Moby Dick. Doing this will involve defining at least briefly what a “literary” text is. You can, of course, come up with a definition of your own or employ the definitions of others — dictionaries, quotations, etc,

Introduction/Thesis (First paragraph — about 1/2 a page):

Define “literature” and introduce the novels Jaws and Moby Dick. You will also need a thesis, one that indicates your position on what makes a text truly literary and whether you think “Jaws” qualifies as such.

Middle Section of Paper: (3-4 pages)

brief discussion of a “literary” text and a longer one of “Jaws.” Quote the text from the novels in support of your argument. You also need to cite any outside sources you use, including Wikipedia, Sparknotes, and the like.

Conclusion: (about 1/2 a page)

Conclusions should go beyond merely summarizing what has been argued previously in the paper. The best thing to do is revisit your thesis and discuss its implications. For example, if you argued that “Jaws” was really not all that different from “Moby-Dick” and that, therefore, the line between literary/non literary is not always easy to see, then in your conclusion you might discuss how students should be assigned a broader range of texts in literature classes, not just the ones that are not usually taught.

MLA format and Works Cited for quotes used from Moby Dick and Jaws

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