Comparison of food safety between UK and Arab Gulf state Custom Essay

This dissertation is completed to the propsal that I ordered before which has the number (81062629), and I will attach files that you need to write,
please see the attachment of my proposal project and the attachment comments from my teacher and what he need, you can change the chapter from the comments and put something else as you want and you think it is good to my project. there is a comment from my teacher about choosing some countries from the Arab Gulf States and choose just 3 of them, and I was thinking first about Saudi Arabia which is my country he said if there is not a lot of information you can take some from YouTube because to be onset I see a lot from videos in YouTube, second country Bahrain I saw information more than others, the third one and the last is Qatar or Kuwait you can choose from these 2 and there are Oman and Yemen too, but he does not want any information from Emirate because he said its change and not similar to the others for the Arab Gulf states. If you send to me chapter by chapter in separate time it will be great to can send it to my teacher and see his comments then telling you, what I mean that if you start the introduction for example send it to me.
so please I gave you 3 countries to write about which are: Saudi Arabia, Bharain and Qatar or Kuwait; or both if you want. so the proposal that I reciveed before does not really good research as my teacher said becuse in some graph of writing was talking about Egypt and it is not one of the Arab Gulf countries.
as I said may be it will be hard to find enogh information so Youtube is fine as a referense.

this wibsite up about the poor food safety in Saudi Arabia in fish resteraunt.

in the last I need Harvard style, 8000 words, UK writing so English please I don’t want it American, so be sure it is English

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