Concept analysis paper: the uses or definition in different sciences( physics, chemistry, statistic and social Custom Essay

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This assignment is about concept analysis used walker method..
My topic is interaction but first I need to defined interaction as single concept broad and the uses or definition in different sciences( physics, chemistry, statistic, social….etc), then narrow the definition within health care(patient- provider interaction).. So start with broader concept interaction then narrow the concept to patient- provider interaction.
These are the steps for the paper:

Use a combination of two approaches, the Walker method and the integrated literature review, for the structure and organization of your paper:

1. In the introduction to the paper, identify the concept and purpose of the analysis.

2. Begin with a general and wide-ranging multidisciplinary literature review and critique of your concept that includes the nursing/health care perspective:

a. Include previous definitions and uses (including theoretical frameworks if appropriate) of the concept.

b. Include any differences in meaning; e.g., differences based on culture, age, and note any historical changes in the meaning and/or use of the concept.

c. Address the question, “What is not known about my concept?”

d. Identify the characteristics that are considered defining attributes of the concept.

3. To more clearly identify and understand the defining attributes of the concept, develop model, related, borderline, invented and contrary cases and discuss any associated concepts.

4. To conclude this section of the paper, provide a succinct theoretical definition of your concept
as it relates to nursing/health care and (if appropriate) a particular population and/or setting.
Describe your final set of defining attributes.

5. Discuss measurement issues related to the concept.

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