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– A Title
– A specific purpose, or thesis that is stated clearly at the beginning (you should introduce your approach to the question so that readers can follow your argument easily. Your essay should have a title that gives readers a clue about your approach to the question.
-A coherent argument that achieves your stated purpose (and no other) through a series of tightly reasoned paragraphs that build on one another in a logical order.
– A clear demonstration of your first hand familiarity with relevant texts and arguments. This means that your thesis should be supported with evidence from our assigned texts, along with appropriate citations (necessary for paraphrased material and specific ideas or information, as well as for quotations). The body of your essay should be in your own words; quotations should be used sparingly and for specific purposes.
– A conclusion- that builds on your argument and emphasizes to the reader how your essay has supported your original thesis.

An excellent essay will have unusually thoughtful, penetrating and original description and analysis


The United States Congress and the President together have the power to enact federal law. Federal bureaucratic agencies have the responsibility to execute federal law. However, in carrying out of these laws, federal agencies have policy-making discretion. Explain two reasons why Congress gives federal agencies policy-making discretion in executing federal laws. Choose ONE of the bureaucratic agencies listed below. Identify the policy area over which it exercises policy making discretion and give ONE specific example of how it exercises that discretion. Using your selected agency, describe TWO ways in which Congress ensures that federal agencies follow legislative intent.
-Women’s Bureau
-Office for Civil Rights
-Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Cite sources using parenthetical within the text for direct quotes. A references page is required for this essay. You must use 3 outside scholarly sources

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