Consider and appraise the following statement in light of earlier forms factual programming Custom Essay

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The essay is a comprehensive review of the module so draw your ideas from a range of weekly topics, demonstrate your grasp of the theories, concepts, debates and media genres as they have evolved over the years. All arguments must be supported with evidence from literature and examples of critical analysis of media texts

Select one of the following questions.

1. Consider and appraise the following statement in light of earlier forms factual programming.
Rather than the chaos which seems apparent in Reality Television, the form reflects more fundamental changes in society, evidence of a people trapped between fiction and reality.

2. Discuss the following statement critically, citing examples from different regulatory regimes and patterns of representation in a variety of media genres.
Whereas there are several factors that shape media systems, in the case of British broadcasting, the state is the primary determinant of the role that the media has adopted.
3. If television is a most pervasive medium, consider how it has shaped social attitudes over the years with regard to any one of the following themes. You should consider a variety of programme genres and eras
a. Health
b. Environment
c. Child Welfare and Protection
d. Economy
e. Citizenship and civic participation

4. Critically appraise the following statement. Since its establishment, television has altered ways of life, and people’s experiences of theirs and the lives of others in the world. Would you agree that there is any merit to this claim mindful of other media forms? Consider in light of childhood / youth in particular.

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