Construction Management Plan: The CMP has a basic structure in place but you need to extend on the key headings / areas to be addressed in the plan Custom Essay

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There are areas that have not yet been considered. I have attached for your consideration an extract from a student’s submission (the table of contents) from trimester 1, 2013. Please note the submission was extremely good and is something to aspire to. It will help to guide you on the areas you have not yet considered and may wish to for your final submission.
You demonstrate little understanding of the items that need to be provided to set up and operate the site. I do not get a sense that you have applied your knowledge of site operations to the actual site. What are the particular constraints associated with managing 15 Saldanna Way and how will you set up the site to facilitate these? Perhaps you could include a sketch showing the proposed locations of temporary facilities, fences, waste management, environmental management initiatives.
There is no project programme included in your draft. I would expect to see a gantt chart that shows the key activities for the project and the relationship between the activities. The programme will also help you with costing the project preliminaries. To work out how much an item costs you need to know how long you need it for. The programme will tell you this.
The preliminary costings that you have provided are very basic. I suggest you re-read the learning materials in topic 6 particularly 6.Site Establishment.pdf and the learning materials in topic 10 particularly 10.Measurement and Take Off.pdf. There is a worked example of a preliminaries take off in this document which will be a beneficial guide for your. Please reference where costs came from and benchmark them against Rawlinsons or equivalent.
Please provide a list of references at the end of the CMP.

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