Consultancy Project Custom Paper

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Imagine you are business consultant manager and your are already met your client and your client is running a new (start up )business and his business is ( coffee and restaurant), under the name of ( Casablanca ) after several meeting with your client you identified that the business has massive problem. and now you are making two recommendation one is short term recommendation and the other is long term recommendation, I will instruct you the key elements of the recommendations on both short term and long term recommendation in key Point . what i want you to follow the three points of both short and long term recommendations and construct a clear recommendation that your client can get benefit for it when he implement.

two pages of recommendations and please follow the three points of each recommendation

first page is short term recommendation

point 1- you should recommend your client to to improve inventory management through lean approach and six sigma approach
point 2 – you should recommend to improving customer service and put forward customer service retention strategy through promotion
point 3 – you should recommend to improve strategic resources and competences at level required to be able to compete in the market and face stiff competition from existing restaurant.

second page is long term recommendation

Point 1- you should recommend to improve strategic capability at level to achieve competitive advantage, example improve customer serves as distinctive level no one els has customer service as your client has, improve the quality of food as unique level, brand image, and so on.
point 2 – you should recommend long term and updated online presence

point 3 – you should recommend long term incremental change and development to marketable food that sustain competitive advantage .

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