Consumer Behavior Project Outline: How car Companies in Saudi Arabia Form the Consumers Attitude towards the Market Custom Essay

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A- Cover Page
B- Introduction and Overview
1- Problems of Cars marketing in Saudi Arabia
2- Market segment description. What types of cars are Saudi’s interested in?
3- Product description. Sedan, Sport, 4*4, and vans…etc

C- Describing the companies approach towards consumers

1- Psychological Approach
2- Knowing and understanding consumers needs and expectations
3- Forming the companies attitude towards the consumers

D- Creating Costumer Orientation Policy

1- Segmenting the market through a thorough study
2- Profitability of each segment
3- Characteristics of each segment
4- Customer satisfaction of each segment

E- Consumer Motivation

1- Advertisements and Promotional Campaigns.
2- Positive/negative aspects of Promotional campaigns

F- Consumer attitude formation and change
1- Attitude models Guide thoughts – Cognitive / Influence feelings – Affective Influence behavior
2- Attitude change strategies – Cognition / Affect (Emotions)

G- Reference groups and family influences on consumer decision making.

1- Reference group influence factors
2- Reference groups
a- Friendship groups
b- Shopping groups
c- Work groups

H- Survey Results
1- How Saudi consumers view cars?
2- What did really affect their choice of the car?
3- Are car companies successful in their perception of the Saudi market?

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