contingency theory. custom essay

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This is a group assignment. Students can form groups of up to maximum of three. The marking criteria for the assignment will be based on:
1. Definitions of all the terms used: 5 marks;
2. Applications of terminologies in the discussions of organisation selected: 10 marks;
3. Detailed discussions of contingency theory applicable to the organisation selected: 20 marks;
The group of two/three students have to select an organisation of their choice, e.g., hospital, Telco, bank, etc.and examine:
a. main changes that have taken place in its business environment in recent years,
b. their organisation missions, goals, strategies, and how the management attempts to create customer value and shareholder value,
c. types of management information needed for different levels of organisation,
d. identify the factors that may influence management accounting system design to contingency theory.


Also I am an international student who undertaking bachelor of accounting course in australia. My native language isnt english, so therefore i would like to see an essay less profesional than a native english speaker.

When my writer works on this case study i would like him or her to consider that this case going to be handled in an Australian educational institution so it need to be meet with the australian standards and it should be based on the textbook we are using for this subject and some research from australian websites.

Please do not forget that its going to be made for an international student so it should be simplifield, but should meet the criteries it has been provided in the case study outline.
For additional. For referencing we use the harvard system of referencing.

For Additional. For referencing we use harvard system reference.

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