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You are a member of the management team of a high performing HCO. A friend of yours is a doctor who joined the medical staff of your HCO almost a year ago. She is about your age, and you’ve had her to your home socially. She is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. Now the doctor wants some answers to serious questions (see list below).

You need to be brief, but clear and complete. Although in real life you would deliver the answers orally, for this exercise we’ll need to write them down. Limit each answer to 200 words (about three minutes of conversation). Remember you’re in an informal situation; she’ll prompt for more if she wants it.

A key part of the answer to these questions includes understanding the question. Try to put yourself in your friend’s shoes, and figure out not just what she said, but what she is driving at. You may want to tell her you’ll get back to her on some details, but you must make a credible on-the-spot response. Your objective is to encourage an enduring, mutually rewarding relationship between the doctor and the HCO.

Substantial variation in approach will be accepted. However, each question touches on a central factual core of medical staff relations that must be clearly conveyed. Higher grades will be based on style and thoroughness. For this exercise, please answer two of the three questions your friend is posing:
1) Frankly, my practice is growing just about as I expected, but how do I know the physician-hospital organization won’t bring other OBs? Or worse yet, not replace the older men when they retire? That would run me right off my feet! And how do we set the balance between OBs, family practitioners, and nurse midwives?

2) There’s a new set of laparoscopic GYN equipment that I think the hospital should buy. How do I go about getting it reviewed and approved?

3) We have protocols for OB which are pretty good for uncomplicated delivery. Everybody uses them, including the family practitioners and the midwives. But I don’t think they’re strong enough for mothers who might be getting into trouble. Last week I got called on a case when it was almost too late. We saved the mother and the baby, but I was pretty scared for a while. I’d like to expand what we are using to include a checklist of indications for further tests or referral to the OBs. I think it would help us with the JCAHO standards (she is referring to the JCAHO Performance Measurement Initiative. The Pregnancy-Related measures are included in NHQM Specifications Manual which can be found at the link below).

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