CourseWork: Corporate Accountability Research Paper

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1. Corporate Social Reporting
a) Investigate sources that do not form part of the financial reporting (for example, the narrative section of the latest published annual reports, company websites, news, reports and other communications). Analyse the extent to which the company has addressed issues related to corporate social responsibility or sustainability reporting, using a reporting framework (such as GRI or AA1000) as your guideline for analysis.
b) Provide a general view of the company regarding CSR and CSR reporting. Give recommendations for improvement.

2. Assurance on CSR/Sustainability reporting
a) Critically discuss the importance of CSR/Sustainability reporting assurance, citing academic findings (3 at minimum) and other evidence (e.g. cases, speeches, news) to support your arguments.
b) How has the company verified its sustainability/social reports? Has the assurance statement available to the public? Please comment on the assurance statement, if there is any, and please attach the assurance statement as an appendix of your report.

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