Coursework on Bank of America: Does the company have a link on its site for finding careers or jobs at that company? Custom Essay

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Visit Bank of America’s company web site.
1. Then, answer the following (go further into the site if you need to):
1. What does this company do and/or make? What does it offer its customers?
2. Where is its corporate headquarters?
3. Are there other locations of the company? Give some examples if so. What do some of those other locations do that supports the company? Are they retail, store locations? Are they distribution centers or warehouses? Around how many other locations are there?
4. Does the company have a link on its site for finding careers or jobs at that company? What are your impressions of what you find on this link?
Does the company have a link for Investor News, Company News, or Investor Relations? What is one story or communication that the company has placed on this link to inform the web site visitor? What does it tell you about that has happened with the company?
Find ten articles about your company.
I would like for you to select ten articles from this source and other sources that you might like to use, like Google or Yahoo!, for the last part of this assignment

1. For the last part of the assignment, take the first of your ten articles and use MLA or APA to write the reference for the article as if you were going to put it in a bibliography or works cited. For guidance on the format, you can use Google or a site like Then, give me a paragraph that summarizes the information you found in the article. Do this for all ten articles.
2. Lastly, give me a summary paragraph of what you found out. Are there new bits of information that you did not know before, that you know now that you have researched the company? Would you consider this company to be a good company to buy stock, or invest, in based on what you found? Is there anything new about business in general that you learned from this assignment?

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