Create a Project Communications Plan using the attachments and the scenario below Custom Essay

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For Project Management: Create a Project Communications Plan using the attachments and the scenario below:
Manage a server installation project that has globally interconnected stakeholders in Sacramento, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Dallas, TX; Nashua, MA; London, England; and Baumholder, Germany. Stakeholders in Sacramento build the individual machines that will comprise the kluge of boxes that will make up your install project in London and Baumholder. Your systems engineers are located in Colorado Springs and your system testers reside in Dallas.
The contracted vendor assembles the various CPUs, processors; file servers, drives, and cabling that make up your server network. London and Baumholder will provide the necessary technicians, on site, to do the installation under the supervision of the systems engineers, followed by systems testing by your testers.
Use the Greer Communications Planner template and your imagination (it is one of the templates in the Greer templates file which is attached) to build a Project Communication Plan that encompasses the information requirements as outlined in the PMBOK Guide section Communications Management Plan.

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