Critically evaluate the practise in managing a global supply chain of Tesco Custom Essay

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There must be an investigation and discussion of the following areas

• Tesco Supply chain management-
Concept of supply chain, supply chain management, supply chain structure, strategies and performance

• Tesco Supply chain planning-
Supply chain design structure, demand planning and supply, methods of sales forecast used and how supply is planned to meet forecasted market demand.

• Tesco Inventory and warehouse management
-How Tesco manages inventory to support supply chain objectives, How they calculate economic order quantity (EOQ) and re-ordering point, –warehouse operating methods. How to decide warehouse location, changing role of their warehouse ( from being storage area to distribution centres) which provide value added service) , discuss application of technological developments in their warehouse and inventory management, discuss innovative practises such as transit-distribution.
-Consider- the condition when a firm should apply consolidation warehousing methods
-Consider the condition when a firm should apply mixing warehousing method
-Consider the condition when a firm should apply break-bulk warehousing method.

• Tesco Procurement process- Tesco approach to procurement
Tesco strategy to reduce procurement cost
Tesco contract negotiation principles

• Tesco Operation management- Tesco JIT systems, pull or push, lean, cover technical aspects of Tesco operation systems such as product scheduling and quality management

• Overview of industry global supply chain management
Overview of issues in Tesco global supply chain management such as the drivers of development of their global supply chain, challenges and risk. Also evaluate their supply chain risk management strategies.

• Global sourcing-
Rationale for global sourcing
Problems encountered in Tesco global sourcing
Strategies Tesco use to locate suppliers, their payment process and how they transport purchase to the domestic market.
Employ trade theories, explain trend in global sourcing
Employ porter’s diamond model to explain Tesco global sourcing

• Global distribution-
How they distribute products to market, global distribution strategies, structure of international distribution network and operations
Consider short life cycle product Distribution

• Global logistics-
-Role of global logistics in global supply chain management
-Practical implication of delivering shipments
-Transport means and methods
-Logistic strategy within a country and logistic strategies which spans a number of countries
-mode of transportation for shipment
-Key component of Tesco global logistic network
– How Tesco employs 3PL/4PL to management international shipment

• Managing sustainable global supply chain
Evaluate Tesco practises to ensure sustainability of global supply chain
Tesco level of commit to sustainability
How Tesco has become more sustainable
Use frameworks of sustainable supply chain management to evaluate Tesco practises
The future of Global supply chain management
GREEN supply chain

• Be innovative and creative- Use diagrams and charts.

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