Critically examine leaders’ influence on organisational culture. Use public sector case studies and/or practical examples to illustrate n critically analyzed the leaders’ influence on organisational culture Custom Essay

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• Use of case studies and/or practice examples
• Essays should be well illustrated with reference to relevant and contemporary examples. If you choose to use a case-study, this must include significant and sustained discussion of on one specific example of policy-making in government. Any case study analysis should develop, illuminate and illustrate the general issues raised in your essay
• Have a clear structure throughout
• Conclusion should based on argument you present
• Only have 4-6 headings in an essay and no sub-headings
• Factual evident must have reference
• Stay away from recommendations
• Use enough detail of case study for analysis
• be word-processed
• be consecutively page-numbered
• be presented with one-and-half (or double) line-spacing
• respect the required word count
• denote the word count
• include the chosen essay title at the start
• include a bibliography of references used at the end
• be correctly referenced

Both the essay and case study-essay will be marked according to the following assessment criteria:
• approach to the topic/relevance to the question set
• descriptive and informational content
• analysis and criticism
• structure and clarity of argument
• presentation of data, support materials, referencing and bibliography
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