Critique of an Article Custom Essay

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Select an article written in a publication from your major(my major is finance) discipline and write a critique of that article. This article should be specific to your field of study and should not come from a general source such as Time or Newsweek. The article should be long enough that you can write a 4-5 page critical analysis of it.

It is important to realize that this essay is NOT a report on the article; it is a critique of the article. This essay should introduce your article with reference to the title, source and author(s). You can also explain why you selected it. (How is it related to your major?)
1. Introduce both the text under analysis and the author in your introduction. State the author’s main argument and the point(s) you intend to make about it. In addition, provide background material to help your readers understand the relevance or appeal of the text, and then state the essay’s thesis (your point of view and an answer to the theoretical questions generated).
2. The body of your critique essay will contain the following parts:
• Summary
To help the reader understand the article, summarize the author’s main points fairly and state the author’s purpose.
• Analysis of the presentation
Evaluate the text; assess its strengths and its weaknesses on the basis of a close analysis. Base your appraisal on the systematic examination of the material, not on personal opinions or reactions. Interpret how the writer conveys meaning and show the strengths and weaknesses of the work.
• Your response to the author’s views
Respond to the author’s story. Express your agreement and/or disagreement with specific views of the author. Discuss your reasons for agreement and disagreement, when possible, tying these reasons to assumptions—both the author’s and your own.
Note: A response focuses on the content of the reading source while an analysis/ evaluation examines how that content is conveyed.
Be sure that each paragraph:
• Begins with a sentence or phrase that states a particular point of critique
• Includes specific passages from the text (summarized, quoted, or paraphrased) that provide evidence for the topic sentence.
• Explains how the passages support the critique point stated in the topic sentence.
3. In your conclusion, state your opinion about the overall validity of the piece, your assessment of the author’s success at achieving his or her aims, and your reactions to the author’s views. Remind the reader of the weaknesses and strengths of the passage.

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