Current Ethical Issues In Business Custom Essay

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Propose a plan for revising the ethical standards to resolve the issue for the company. Address how the plan affects employees and management.
Include prescriptive and psychological approaches
The plan must include implementation, communication of the standards, and measurements of short- and long-term compliance
Here is the ethic issue story please read this thanks:
Here is the background for the topic:
The tanning bed manufacturing and the tobacco industry: Ethical sisters?
The tanning industry and has a service to supply for monetary compensation. The industry and shop owners have an interest to protect. Their livelihood, loans to repay, franchise agreements to honor, human resource obligations to pay, and taxes to pay. The industry association and tanning business networks have a plan to further their business. This paper will discuss those practices and similarities to tobacco industry practices (Huber, 2012).
The employees in this scenario are the members/owners of the tanning salon business industry, the store or franchise owners. The managers and executives are the association leaders. The ethical system for these key individuals are providing a safe service and tanning experience for consumers at a profit. The employee’s moral system values having customers return and to have customers leave with a positive experience for the power of word of mouth and customer relations. Employees value profits after paying bills and expenses. They value having a business model and practice that keeps the door open for the future. The association manager’s moral system is obligated to the goals and activities to promote employee/owner industry interests. The moral system is skewed as is the interests of tobacco skewed to promote tobacco interests The managers have an moral duty to achieve, develop, plan, and promote the tanning industry, their job.

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