Data Analysis and Discussion Custom Essay

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The dissertation topic (or the research question) is WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION AND EMPLOYEE RETENTION IN THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY. I need the data analysis and discussion parts done. I will upload all the other files, which are my literature review, methodology and research interviews. PLEASE GO THROUGH THEM FIRST so you know what you are doing and can better answer the research question while analyzing all the primary data (which i will also include). Remember, the analysis is qualitative. Also i cannot stress this enough, GO THROUGH ALL THE FILES BEFORE YOU START, SO YOU KNOW WHAT DIRECTION YOU ARE GOING IN. Make sure you keep the research question in mind as it needs to be answered using the data analysis and discussion. THAT IS ALL I NEED….DATA ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION.

Keep in mind that all the interviews were conducted in the UAE. Which means that manual laborers are low paid and come mostly from aboard from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

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