Describe two types of software testing, identify when they are applied, and explain their corresponding standards Custom Essay

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Describe two types of software testing, identify when they are applied, and explain their corresponding standards.
As a software engineer in a software development company, explain how you would apply testing standards when testing your development projects.
discuss the readability and usefulness of the online user manual that you have researched. Identify its strengths and weaknesses, and areas where it could be improved.
describe how you would modify the documentation to improve the user’ s ability to interpret failure messages and look up topics in the documentation if that user had little or no experience with computers and software.
identify at least two methods by which we can determine if a legacy system should remain as legacy or it should be upgraded into a new software system. Explain these two methods and how they are applied.
describe at least two ways software engineers can measure the impact of a proposed change to a software system.

Explain why a high degree of coupling among components of a software system can make maintenance of the system difficult. Provide at least one example that supports your answer.
Elaborate on two maintenance strategies that you would apply to lessen the effect of an already tightly coupled software that you have to maintain for an organization that requires 100% uptime on its safety-critical system. Provide a justification as to why you would implement these strategies over other options that are available. Describe how your strategies would change if the system only required 90% uptime and could be shut down for short periods of time during nonbusiness hours.

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