Design Graduation Project (Interim Report): Invisible population in Hong Kong custom essay

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Firstly: My project requires to investigate the current situation of Hong Kong homeless people. Their support from the government, NGOs and etc. (Take extra care when researching on CSSA). Discuss how the homeless people could not leave homelessness by using the growing economy of Hong Kong raising housing prices, inflation and etc. (financial issues). Also, compare Hong Kong with overseas homeless people regarding the situation.

Secondly: Find facts to support the research results of the current situation from the first part.

Thirdly: The objective – a design project that will eventually lead to some form of physical design to help homeless people or help raise awareness of homeless people, through research on their behavior, daily routines, needs and etc.

Finally: Give an overview of the situation, provided with literature reviews from books, internet and articles (newspaper/magazine). Finalize with an in-depth conclusion to complete the interim report.

Structure of the report as follows:
Introduction – Overview, Objective, Methodology
Background – Overview, Literature Reviews
Research – Secondary, Primary (Interviews)

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